The Making of Legacy EcoView Windows

Are you a Georgia or South Carolina homeowner that needs help understanding replacement or energy efficient windows in the Savannah, Beaufort, and Hinesville area? Do you want a better understanding of what makes one window superior to another? Often it comes down to materials and construction. At Legacy EcoView Windows, we ensure that our energy efficient windows are top quality and designed for energy efficiency. Here are some of the materials and features you’ll find:

  • Legacy Vinyl Windows. Vinyl has excellent natural thermal performance and it’s durable enough to resist rotting and warping, no matter what the weather throws at it. It’s one of the more affordable materials available, though homeowners should always be careful to choose high quality vinyl, as cheap vinyl can sometimes have low quality mechanisms and construction.
  • Multiple Panes. The use of multiple glass panes strengthens the insulation of your windows and lessen heat loss and air leakage. Non-toxic argon gas is placed in between panes to slow the flow of air from one side to the other.
  • Insulating Glass. Our windows offer insulating glass from SolarFlect™ to help protect your home from harmful UV rays that can fade your furniture or hardwood floors.

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